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I’ve been trying to do this now for 4+ years.   No wonder I’m still over 200lbs, yet I ride 50 to 100 miles a week on the bike…  

I feel enlightened, while at the same time, I feel like an IDIOT….   🙂  

I read an article that brought up the old “exercise vs. diet” battle.   I always thought exercise was the clear winner.   Not so true.

You’re better off focusing on a healthy diet than keeping the diet you have and adding exercise to your routine.

Makes complete sense.    If you go out biking, lets say for 1 hour, you may burn 500-800 calories. 

The Burger and Fries you eat “because I did exercise today” comes in at around 1,200 calories.

It’s MUCH easier to cut back your food that it is to try and “out-exercise” bad heating habits.

I think this is my new mantra.    I’m loving it!


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