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I got out yesterday for a rare (very rare) Saturday morning ride.   I’m usually busy doing our local Farmer’s Market where we sell home-baked breads.   It’s another hobby of mine I picked up YEARS ago.

So, I was out riding for the 1st Saturday in AGES.   The weather was perfect.   A bit chilly, but as the ride went on, the temps started to rise.   Knowing that I wouldn’t freeze my ass off put my mind at ease and I just focused on the road ahead of me.

I had my iPhone with me (on my arm-band) and I had some tunes playing, but I turned off the iPhone.   The music was distracting and my sole purpose for the ride was to just enjoy the scenery and sounds.

Mission accomplished.

I got in a 17.5 mile ride.   The average didn’t matter to me.   Speed was not the goal of this ride.

I’m hopeful that today I can repeat the ride.   Time is not on my side today.

It was yesterday.


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