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Bill was making waves yesterday about riding today.   I was all over it.

That was until I spent 7 hours (EARLY HOURS) baking bread and selling said bread at our Farmer’s Market.

From there, I took both the kids to a local amusement park, where we somehow managed to walk the entire park at least 3 times in its entirety.

We got home around 7:30pm and upon sitting down on the couch, I felt like the proverbial balloon that was now becoming deflated of all its air.    Yup.   The day was done, and so was I.  The kids and I had a nice evening of playing outside and watching some TV.

So, while the thought of donning the cycling gear and heading out to tackle some miles holds my mind captive, I think my body over-ruled that decision.

Coffee and a quiet house wins out on this weekend morning.

I may ride later in the day, but the mornings (quiet ones) are a rarity in my house.   I’m taking advantage of it while I can.

Sunday is MY day.   A quiet day.  A lazy day, but that would be unfair to say.   I need Sunday to RECHARGE so I can attack the week ahead…

Sorry Bill.   Hope you enjoy the ride.


One thought on “TURNED DOWN A RIDE…. WTF???

  1. I feel cheated…

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