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Starting Monday, my miles are gonna start adding up.

Monday, I start commuting into work again from my 11-mile location.  This will allow me to ride about 22-25 miles a day.

Kelly is no longer working the early morning shift, so that will allow me to ride in earlier, and further from the 1.5 mile location I’ve been using for the past couple of months.

I’m VERY anxious to get back to the routine of riding in further.   I can’t wait.   My mornings are always better when I get to commute in by bike.  It clears my head and it gets my heart going.   The perfect jump start to the day.

And in the afternoon, there is NOTHING better than riding in the warmth of the day back to the car.   I can extend my mileage if I want to, or just get in a GREAT workout back to the van.

I have a 17 mile route I can use also, that will let me get in 34 miles a day.   I plan on throwing that route into the mix at least once a week.

Here’s to MORE miles!


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