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Recently, I bought another bike, thinking that it would turn into my new “commuter” bike that I would use day in and day out. I got the bike off of Craiglist for cheap. It’s a good bike though. Solid frame, strong rims, shimano gears, and great brakes.

I put in some work on the bike in the shape of new tires, new gears, adding a rear pannier.

I thought I had the perfect bike. Initially, I really enjoyed riding it. It was comfortable. It was a very different bike from a rider’s position than I was used to. I sit VERY upright on this bike. I used more of my knees it seemed to pedal this bike. The first few weeks of riding, my knees were bothering me (more than they normally do.)

I shrugged it off as just part of the “new bike” experience and my legs would adjust to the new bike.

Those of you that read this blog know that my knees are not in the best of shape. I have prided myself as having a heatlhy strong back and “working” knees.

The knees are shot. The Back is still strong.

1 outta 2 ain’t bad, right?

As I piled on the miles on my new ride, I started to miss my WORKHORSE of a bike in my GT TIMBERLINE. I’ve had that bike close to 15 years now. I have thousands of miles on that bike. It fits me like a glove! I’m comfortable on that bike.

So, on a whim, I took the Timberline out for a spin.

That solidified it for me. THIS is the bike I need to use for my daily commuting. My legs felt GREAT riding my old bike. My back felt great riding that bike.

Those of you that ride, know there is a “triangular” fit to a bike. My Timberline is the perfect triangle. I use more of my thighs and calves on this bike. The other bike had me using more of my knees. My knees are not as strong as they used to be. My thighs and calves, on the other hand, have never been stronger.

I did plenty of riding in my 20’s. I thought I was a strong rider back then.

I would’ve never guessed that in my 40’s I’d have STRONGER legs and a much stronger discipline for cycling than I did in my 20’s.

My fastest days are most likely behind me, but I still have a lot miles left in these legs. I could never have done a 24-hour ride in my 20’s. I’m getting ready to compete in my 3rd 24-hour bike event in the past 5 years.

Moral of the story: Find a bike you like. Find a bike that FITS you.

When you have a bike you like, a funny thing happens.

You RIDE THE SHIT out of it!

Here’s to a TON of miles for me on my GT Timberline.


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