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Driving home yesterday, I saw that gas is up to $3.81/gallon here. It seems to go up about 2 cents a day in these parts. Just crazy.

As the price goes up, you’ll see me out more and more on the bike. I’m waiting for it to hit $4/gal. It’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of “when?”

I live 12 miles from a bus stop that could take me into work.

I can ride the 12 miles easily, it’s just that the roads I’d have to take at that time of day aren’t the most conducive to cycling, from a safety standpoint.

With gas at $4/gallon though, 12 miles would equal 120 miles a week saved where I wouldn’t be driving. That’s about $24/week. $96/month

It’s not about the money though. I just want to become LESS dependent on cars….


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