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Legs are getting back to normal here.   They were hurting (really sore) after that 58 mile trail ride on Saturday.   They hurt as badly as they did, if not worse, than when I did the 24 Hours of Booty ride last year.  

I did my 7-mile ride into work today.   I’ll get 7-9 more on the way home.  Took the trip in this morning really easily.   Enjoyed the cool morning.   It’s gonna heat up today.  I brought a change of clothes for the 1st time this year for the ride home.  It’s starting to warm up here in the Carolinas.   Can I get a big “H-E-L-L  Y-E-A-H?!!”  

This is one of my favorite times of the year.   The longer hours of daylight each day are just a boost in the energy level here.  I love it.

Opening the house up and airing it out.  Love it!

More time to ride.



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