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I’ve been busily tweaking and working on my latest bike, which is now my new commuter bike for my rides into work.   What a great little bike.   It’s a GT, which I’m quite fond of .   This is my 3rd GT I’ve owned and I couldn’t be happier with it. 

This past weekend, I replaced the worn out and dry rotted tires that were on it when I bought the bike.   I put on some skinnier road tires that make this bike hum right along.   I outfitted the rear of the bike with 2 permanent “tail” lights.   One is a BRIGHT white light, and the other is your traditional red brake light.  

I got my pannier rack on there just fine and I figured out the wheel diameter for my bike computer.   All in all, I’m good to go on this bike.   I’ve already put close to 70 miles on it in the 10 days I’ve had it.   For now, I’m just using it to ride into work.   It’s amazingly comfortable.   It’s a bike that is so well ratioed when it comes to gears that I don’t have to stand up to ride.   Ever.   I just sit and pedal.   I can do that.   🙂

In short, I’m enjoying the hell out of the bike!   🙂


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