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Winter time in the Carolinas is always an interesting time.   January and February, while they are not typically bitterly cold, are cold enough to keep me off my bike for long enjoyable rides.

I have been very diligent this new year when it comes to commuting into work.   Out of the 34 work days so far this  year, I have ridden in 31 of them.   I have only paid for parking 3 days this year.   I’m definitely on pace to shatter my record of “days commuted into the offfice” this year.   Last year, I rode in 133 days.   This year, I’m at 31 so far. 

My cold seems to be waning.   Today at lunch, I got out for a gorgeous 6-mile ride.   Easy pace.   Just enjoyed the scenery.

The “new” bike is  simply just FUN TO RIDE.    My posture on that bike is a complete 180 degrees from a comfort standpoint of my other GT (mountain bike).    I love to ride this new bike.

That’s about it for now.   



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