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I’ve lived down here in NC for about 6 years now.   We have, for the most part, had very mild winters.   2 years ago was a different story.  That winter was probably the coldest I can remember down here.   I didn’t do much riding that winter.

This year, the winter has been VERY mild.    Ask around town here and most folks will tell you that we haven’t even HAD a winter this year.    I can attest to that.  Most days here you will find afternoon temps in the high 50’s, low 60’s.    Good weather for cycling.     Still cold, but not bitterly chilling.

Last night, we had an artic front pass through the Charlotte area here that brought temps down to about 19 degrees at night.   That’s DAMN cold for these parts.    The brutal part of yesterday was the WIND that accompanied the chilly temps.   Wind gusts up to 45 mph were recorded.   Definitely a “comb-over advisory” type weather day.   It finally feels like winter has descended upon us.   Today’s high is only 41 degrees.   Pretty chilly weather for us “southerners.”

This morning, as I went out to my van to retrieve the coffee mug I lelft in there yesterday, I thought I’d freeze in the mere 20 feet I traveled from the house to the car and back.   Brrrrrr!

I do want to get out on the bike today.   Not shooting for killer miles, but I just want SOME miles today.   My weekend miles this year SUCK.   I do ride quite a bit during the week, but I need to start adding SOMETHING to my weekend tally.

If the wind dies down today, I’ll head out.   I don’t do wind.   Those of you (all 2 or 3) that follow this blog know my disdain for WIND.    I’d rather do my taxes than ride in the wind.    Ugh!

That’s about it here.   I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday morning with a warm cup of coffee and the computer.   Kids are still asleep, so the house is nice and quiet.    That won’t last.



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