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Great news!  I got a “new” bike for commuting into work!    Best part?  I got it CHEAP!   It does need some work, but most of it is cosmetic, and it’s stuff I can do myself.

I feel like a kid at Christmas!   I’m totally reinvigorated to start upping my morning commuting miles here.  It’s been 4 years since I’ve gotten a new bike.   I now have 3.   1 dedicated mountain bike, 1 dedicated road bike, and now a dedicated hybrid for commuting.

I got the bike off of Craiglist.   It’s a GT Passage.  I LOVE GT’s.   This will be the 3rd one I’ve owned.   My main mountain bike is a GT Timberline.   One of the best mountain bikes out there.   Love that bike!   I’ve put over 4,000 miles on that bike in the last 4.5 years.  A true BEAST of a bike.

I have been “window shopping” though for a true “commuter” bike that offers more comfort for long rides.   The angle of my seat and handlebars on my GT Timberline is more for mountain biking and not commuting into work.

This GT Passage might just be the most comfortable bike I’ve ever owned.   The angle of the seat and handle bars and height is just perfect.  I sit much higher (and straighter) on this bike than the hard ‘leaning forward’ angle on my GT Timberline.

I’m DYING to start riding the GT Passage on a daily basis.   Unfortunately, I’ve got to get it into the bike shop for a tune up.  The gears are in need of repair.  I’ve never been good when it comes to working with derailleurs.

Bill, my cycling neighbor, and I always talk about staying motivated to ride.   Usually its small things that keep us riding.   Nice weather, a new accessory for your bike, a planned trip, etc…    This new bike is just what I needed.

I hope the bike shop can do a quick job with the tune up.  I’d love to have this bike by midweek for my commuting.

Time will tell.


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