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For those of you that love to jog, or workout, you can totally relate to having that activity “in your blood.”  You live to jog, or whatever it is.  If you don’t, your day is just not the same.   You view all roads you drive on with the “I can run on this road” type of mentality.   You most likely always have the next run already planned in your head, or you are constantly busy planning that next run.  

Cycling is no different.   Unfortunately, riding in the winter months is no cup of tea.   While we’re having a pretty mild winter here down in Charlotte, it’s still cold in the mornings.   Walking out of the house and having that COLD BLAST of air smack you in the face first thing in the morning is just demoralizing.   I have a morning routine that dictates how far (if ANY) I’m going to ride in that morning. 

I wake up and get my coffee machine cranking.   You’d think I’d learn to set that up the night before.  I’m an old dog, and that’s a new trick.  

Anyway, after getting my coffee going, I grab my iPhone and check the morning temp.   From there, I  head out to my front porch to verify what my iPhone is telling me.   Funny thing though.   Sometimes my iPhone will tell me it’s 41 degrees (or whatever the temp is) outside.   Yet, when I head out to the porch, sometimes it’s a “warm” 41 degrees.   Some mornings are just “warm” mornings, regardless of what the thermometer says.   Not sure if that makes sense to anyone, but I have  had COLD 41 degree mornings, and then other days if just FEELS warmer. 

That’s why I never go by JUST my iPhone’s temp.   I HAVE to go out and check the weather first-hand. 

Yesterday, the temp in the afternoon was just DELIGHTFUL.   I rode back to my car, and I was bummed I didn’t park further out, meaning I could ride IN more and BACK more.  

The tease of Spring was in the air.   It was warm.   Well, not really warm, but definitely not cold.   I didn’t need my “d00-rag” on to keep my BALD head warm.   I only had a sweater on for layers.   It was awesome.

Today, the afternoon temps are supposed to be in the low 60’s.   I DID park further out this morning.  I’m gonna enjoy the HELL out of my ride home. 

I’m glad to have cyling “in my blood.”   It’s gonna be a great day!


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