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I got out for a nice 20-mile ride yesterday.   The weather was perfect!   It was sunny and the temp was nearing 70 degrees.   What made this ride different was by far the temperature.

Here in the Carolinas, it can get into to the 50’s and 60’s most days here during the winter time.   Even though the thermometer may read 55 or 60 degrees, it’s a “COLD” temp, meaning that in the BRIGHT, BRIGHT sunshine it might be that temp, but slip into any shaded area and your looking at a 10-degree temperature change.

Doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re on a bike (going 17-20mph) it can make that temp downright chilly.

Not yesterday.  It was warm.  It felt warm.   There was a STRONG wind yesterday (y’all know how I HATE wind), but it was a WARM wind.   Everything just clicked for me yesterday.   I had a great ride.  Legs felt refreshed and I pushed myself while facing a strong head wind to finish with a respectable average.

My neighbor (Bill) was going to join me, but he had a busy “to do” list and was unable to make it.   He did get out for a short ride by himself later in the day, so I’m glad he got to experience a warm day here in NC.  We don’t get many, but I try to take advantage of them when we do.

I’m itching for Spring to arrive.  I’m ready to start cranking out some more miles.

Just hope it stays warm…


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