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October was an amazing month.   The rides were frequent, the monthly mileage was good.   November turned out to be even better.

I rode 345 miles in November.  My 8th straight month of riding at least 300 miles…

The weather in NC started to turn for the worse in November.   Cold mornings started off most days.   Gearing up to ride in 30 degree weather is no fun, as I headed into work each day.  I did manage 194 miles of “commuting” that month.   I had  one 100-mile week, and the others averaged out to be 70-mile weeks.

November in the Carolinas means rain.   We had a VERY wet November here.   Made riding into work very challenging.  I found a way somehow to crank out my best “Post-Booty” month of miles.

I was nearing my goal of 3,650 miles.  I was getting close.

I finished November with a yearly total of:  3,586 miles.

Bring on December!


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