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So, December finally arrived.   I was sitting at 3,586 miles.   My goal of 3,650 was totally w/in sight.  I was amazed how close I was and I had the ENTIRE month of December to ride 64 miles…

I hit my goal on Monday, December 5th.  I was riding home from work when my odometer flashed the magic number.   I stopped for a second, and texted my cycling neighbor with a “ding!” text to let him know I reached my goal.   He hit 3,650 about 2 weeks prior.

I had 26 days left to the year.   Should I go for 4,000 miles?

I decided not to.   My original goal was to ride over 2,000 miles.   On August 1st, I decided I’d shoot for 3,650.   I did it.  I did it.

Now, 2012 is here.  My mileage for the year is back to ZERO.  It’s a hard number to look at.

Time to get back out on the bike!

2011 may never be matched again.   You never know.


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