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So, with the Booty Ride now behind me, I had 5 months left to the year and I had to figure out what my new goal would be. My initial goal was to ride at least 2,000 miles in one year. DONE.

I somehow came up with the number of 3,650. I was thinking, “10 miles a day for an entire year would be 3,650.”. Voila!

So as I settled upon my new goal, I realized that I had another 1,400 miles to ride. It was then I realized what a Herculean task I had created for myself.

The summer heat was as hot as ever. How was I going to keep cranking out the miles??

Simple solution: I would start riding my bike halfway into work. Back in 2009 I started parking my car about 2 miles from the office and riding into work. It allowed me to get in a few miles and it allowed me to NOT have to pay for parking. It may sound trivial , but since 2009, I have saved over $1,300 in parking fees. Enough to pay for a new mountain bike.

So, I started researching “Bike Commuting.” There was a ton of info out there from folks that had given up their cars for a bike. I was entrenched on trying to find a way to ride in as far as I could to work. I brought up Google maps and started looking at side streets and I found a few routes I could try.

I did dry runs with my car with these new routes. I had struck gold with a few of these routes.

On August 15th I stepped up my morning rides into work. It was this grand idea of mine that allowed me to EASILY continue to crank out 300 to 400 miles for the months of August, September, October, and November. I was in HEAVEN.

Commuting by bike into work has been the best idea I’ve had in a long time. For 2011, I rode over 1,250 miles into work. It has allowed me to maintain my summer weight into the winter months. Most importantly: It has kept my interest in cycling SKY HIGH.

So, in August I cranked out 327 miles. 191 of those were “commuting” miles.

September would start the cool down of temps here in the Carolinas. Would that mean a slow down of miles?

Stay tuned.


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