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June was a stellar month here as well. I rode over 400 miles for the third month in a row. I think the highlight was week 3 when I rode 171 miles in one week. Not too shabby.

The NC heat was starting to show it’s true colors in June. The heat was intolerable, but it was the high humidity and ungodly high dew points that made training in this kind of weather very challenging and dangerous. It was this kind of training that got me through the 24 Hours Of Booty ride

As July approached, I really started to doubt myself in that I would be able to outdo my mileage from the 2008 Booty ride I did. The heat was really getting to me and I was not in a good place mentally for this upcoming ride. I had trained 6 months up to this point. I was nearing 2,000 miles on my bike. Was it all for nothing? I was beating myself up pretty bad at this moment.

My rides were getting longer, but my legs were cramping up more and more it seemed. June was the month I started taking potassium supplements to combat the cramping issues. It was a hard month on the bike. I was psyching myself out with my doubt and worry.

I wouldn’t realize until the end of July just how beneficial all the June miles were to me.


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