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For the month of May recap, I need to first go back to a day in February. I was cycling with my older brother (Rich) when an idea I had tossed around in my head for some time really started to take root.

Rich is also a cyclist. He built me my 1st BMX bike and he also gave me my 1st “real” road bike when I was a teenager. I was hooked on cycling from then on.

Anyway, back to February. I was in town for my nephew’s baptism and I had arranged a short ride (only 26 miles) around the Crofton Parkway with Rich. The Parkway is a perfect 3.5 mile route that is a great workout. Cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers take advantage of this route all the time.

So, I’m riding with Rich, and we were talking about the MONTHLY marathons he runs around the Parkway. (YES, I said MONTHLY) That got me thinking about a 100 mile ride I have always wanted to do in my neighborhood back in NC. Most mornings, I would head out and ride my own 3.57 mile route in my neighborhood. I have always wanted to ride a “Century” using this route I had carved out. After chatting and riding with Rich, I was 100% on board with this idea.

So, May rolls around and lo and behold, my miles are EXPLODING. They’re adding up quickly! I would end up having the best month of cycling EVER. It was in part due to the “Ray & Bill’s 1st Annual New Towne Village Century” bike ride. We picked Memorial Day weekend to do the ride.

Prior to the May 29th Century ride, I had already amassed 418 miles for the month (a new record…).

The Century ride and the 2 rides after that to end the month put me at 550 miles for the month. I may never break that record, although Bill and I are already planning on the 2nd Annual NTV Century ride for May of 2012, so, you never know.

The Century ride itself was fantastic! We had over 25 other residents of our neighborhood join us for part of the ride. My 2 children also rode part of the ride. It was a great event. I finished the day with 102 miles.

Maybe in 2012 I can make the CENTURY ride a monthly thing like the marathons my brother runs.

Thanks for the idea and the motivation Rich.

I was now at 1,454 miles for the year. I was less than 300 miles from my best year of riding (2008) total of 1,736 miles, and it was only June 1st.

Could I keep the momentum going for the month of June?…


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