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“I think in April, we can hit 400 miles.”

Words spoken by my cycling neighbor, Bill.

I thought he was crazy when he said that.   I had never ridden more than 335 miles in a month, and that was 2 years prior to his statement, and that nearly killed me.   🙂

Low and behold though, April began what was to become a regular occurrence for me over the next 12 weeks:   100 mile weeks.   I started cranking these things out like they were nothing.   Usually, Bill and I would start with a nice long Sunday ride.   40, 50, 60, and eventually a few 70 mile rides.   Those really jump started the week for me, where I would end up on Thursday or Friday of the week with 100 or more miles.   I rarely rode Friday or Saturday.  I was too busy with our Farmer’s Market to ride on those days.

April was the first of four 400+ mile months  for me.   It was exhilarating to know I could now pull off those types of numbers.  I was definitely starting to feel like reaching 2,000 miles was totally possible.   With an AMAZING 403 miles to my name for April, I had no idea just how much MORE I would ride in MAY.   One crazy idea that I had put me well over 500 miles for that month….

Stay tuned…


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