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March of 2011 is where my mileage really seemed to have taken off.  I was riding my bike more to and from work on a daily basis.   Sunday was a typically “big mileage” day where I would go out and do a 40+ mile ride, usually with my neighbor, Bill.   We had some training to do and if we were going to even come close to riding a straight 24-hours, we needed to start doing some long rides.   We worked up to a 3-4 hour duration the month of March.

I had 2 back to back 100-mile weeks in March.  It had been a while since I had the “century” week.   It felt good.   To do 2 of them back to back felt even better.

March was a good jump start to my mileage.   If I was going to presumably ride 2,000 miles in 2011, March gave me a good start.

April, on the other hand LAUNCHED me into a mindset that ended up lasting the rest of 2011 and allowed me to blow 2,000 miles OUT OF THE WATER and land where I did, with over 3,700 miles.

Stay tuned….


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