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So, with January behind me, I picked up the riding frequency a bit in February, nearly doubling my miles I rode the previous month.

I found out about this great park that has some really challenging trails for Mountain bikers, so, Bill and I headed out to Sherman Branch Park, here in Charlotte and did  a 10 mile route that felt more like 50 with all the bumps and jumps, and hills, and valleys and twists and turns.   It was a great “find” that we will revisit in 2012.

I started having a few 30+ mile rides, which usually were about 2 hours in length.  I knew that if I was going to ride in the 24 Hours of Booty ride at the end of July, I’d have to start going on some longer rides.   31 miles was all I could do, back in February.   Later months saw MUCH longer rides, usually occurring on Sundays.

February was a decent month.    I ended with 166 miles for the month, and was up to 253 miles for the year.

March would prove to be the “jump start” I needed to really start adding some serious miles to my training.


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