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I have not ridden the past two days. I hit my goal on Tuesday and was torn at whether or not to chase 4,000 miles for the year. I have decided not to. I’m going to bask in the glory of hitting 3,650 miles and leave it at that.

If I keep upping my goals, I’ll never be able to celebrate actually reaching my goal.

Back in January, I thought riding two thousand miles was an unreachable goal. I have blown that number COMPLETELY out of the water. I need to acknowledge my feat and stop upping my yearly goal.

On July 30th of this year, as I was looking at 2,200 miles, I came up with the number of 3,650. Even in July, I didn’t think I could possibly ride another 1,400 miles. I didn’t think my legs had it in them.

I have ridden a TON OF FRICKING miles. I’m gonna spend the last 23 days of 2011 enjoying my accomplishment.

I’m still riding, but I’m done internalizing all the numbers that have occupied my head for the past 11.5 months.

Come 2012, I’ll see what crazy number I can whip up and then I can start the chase ALL OVER AGAIN.


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