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Short week here at work.   Rainy weather.   Warm weather, but wet.   Not ideal for commuting.  I seem to be stuck in the 3,400 to 3,500 mile range forever here.

I’m tired.   I’ve ridden a TON OF FRICKIN” miles this year.   My legs are wiped.   Sometimes I just feel as if I’m COMPLETELY out of gas.   My riding has slowed to what feels like a crawl to me.   I’m not pulling the 16 – 18mph averages that I enjoyed earlier this year.  I’m closer to 14.5 – 16.5 averages right now. 

More and more rides this time of year just seem to be me “cranking and pedaling” mindlessly.   I’m not focusing on averages, or times.   I’ll be 100% honest here.   Right now I’m just riding to wrack up as MANY miles as possible.   I’m not training.   I’m not working on increasing strength, or timing out my trip miles.    I jump on my GT mountain bike I use to commute to work, and I start at point A, and ride until point B.   From there, I get off my bike and enjoy the miles I have covered.  It’s been that way for a good 8 weeks now.   My weekend rides (on my ROAD bike are difficult right now, because my mindset is strictly on getting miles.) 

Come 2012, I can get back into “training” mode and work on specific goals I will set for myself.  Right now though, while the legs are strong, they are just DOG- tired.  There are 5 weeks left to 2011.    That should let me get another 400 to 500 miles.    It will put me very close to 4,000 miles for the year.    More than double the total of my best year (2008) ever of 1,725 miles.  

I’m just hoping there’s enough gas left in my legs to ride 5 more weeks back and forth to work.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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