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If I were being honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve been “stoked” for a ride.   Sure, I enjoy my morning commutes into work and back, but it has been a long time since I’ve actually looked forward to a specific ride.

The last ride I probably looked forward to was the 24 Hours of Booty ride back on July 29th.    That ride actually scared the shit out of me.   I knew the route.   It was an easy route.   The hard part was wrapping my head around the fact that I was going to try and ride “the loop” 75 to 100 times.    My adrenaline was so PUMPED for that ride.   It was a ride I will never forget as long as I’m walking this planet.   One of my proudest accomplishments.  I still need to design my tattoo for that ride.   I’m gonna get it placed on my right calf.   222 miles.   24 hours.    

Anyway, back to being stoked.  

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my good friend,  Bill to ride some new roads out his way.   I have put in over 3,400 miles on my local roads out here.   I would never try this, but I bet I COULD ride these local roads with my eyes shut.   I have ridden them THAT much.   

Not tomorrow.   Tomorrow is new roads.  New scenery.   New sounds.   New sights.  New smells.    All 5 senses of mine will be privvy to brand new experiences.    I’m truly stoked.

I had the chance to ride today.   Didn’t want to.   Saving up my legs for tomorrow. 

Can’t wait.


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