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2 DAYS…. 2 RIDES….

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So, yesterday I was hoping to ride.  I did.   Got out early (around 8am) for a great 15 mile ride.   The weather was turning nasty, but I layered myself OK and headed out.

As the day progressed, the weather went from BAD, to TERRIBLE.   I was SO HAPPY that I rode when I did.    I saw the opportunity, and took it.

Today, after a LONG Holiday Craft Show, Bill and I got out for a 25.5 mile ride.   BIG HEAD WINDS and chilly temps.   

Had Bill not been with me, I most likely wouldn’t have ridden.

But, since I did, I’m well over 3,300 miles.   I also got in 100 miles for the week.

Life is good.


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