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It’s a phrase uttered by me numerous times this year.    I’d love to ride everyday.   When I am heading to work, it’s a no-brainer.   That’s my reason for riding.   Each work day gives me a riding day.

It’s days that I’m OFF of work that I find difficult to sneak in a ride.   Sneaking in a ride, by the way, sucks.   Time constraints make the ride unenjoyable.   I love going out for a ride when I have all the time in the world.   Having a full time job, with 2 kids makes this scenario a rare occurrence for me. 

Today is that day.  I’m home from work, but I’m busily baking fresh bread (another hobby) for an annual Craft Show we do each year.  

So, today, I’m “hoping to ride.”  I need 10.5 miles to hit the 3,300 mile mark for the year.    Would LOVE to mark that milestone in my riding spreadsheet. 

Time will tell.


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