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I’m coming up on 1,000 “Post-Booty” miles here.   It will be quite a milestone.   (Back in July of this year, my neighbor and I rode in a 24-Hour event for charity.)   I rode 222 miles in that 24-hour period.   Bill (my neighbor) rode an amazing 253 miles in that time frame.

I did that same ride back in 2008 where I rode 201 miles in 1 day.   After that ride back in 2008, I just stopped riding basically.  I only amassed 102 “post-Booty” miles that year in the remaining 6 months of 2008.  Sad.    So much training to just STOP riding.

Not this year.  

I am coming up on the 1,000 mile mark here.   I currently have 934 miles since the Booty ride.   Legs feel good here.   They’re tired, but strong.   My motivation is still high, which is even a better sign.   I’m coming  up on my best month yet since the ride.   I should end the month of October with close to 350 miles.   Giddy-up!  

Life is good.   Riding is even better.


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