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The weekend is over for me.  It was a 3-day weekend, with me having off yesterday to travel back to NC from MD for my niece’s baptism.   We had a great time.  Ate like a teenager and now it’s time to get serious again. 

The Taurus is in the shop, so Kelly drove me to the HT where I rode to the bus stop.  Took the bus almost all the way into town.  Jumped off and have 7.48 miles to my name this morning.

For the afternoon, I’m seriously thinking of riding all the way home.   24 miles.   Easy.   The mileage is not what I’m worried about .  Traffic. 

I have plenty of illumination on the bike.  I have my reflective vest.  I leave early enough so that I will be home well before dusk.  No time restraints at home to get to today.

It just might work.

If I do, I’ll surpass 3,200 miles for the year today, and it will put me over 300 miles for the month of October.   Double SWEET!! 

Life is good.


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