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I’ve got a trip up to Maryland planned for this weekend.   I’m the God-Father to the newest niece on my wife’s side of the family.  So, I’m taking a 3-day break from riding.   I’m kinda bummed, but I know my legs and body frame need the rest.   I’ve been a bit possessed ever since I did the 24 Hour (222 mile) ride back in July.  

I didn’t want my riding for the year to end after the 24 hour ride like it did for me back in 2008.   I pretty much gave up biking that year.   No desire, no interest.

I vowed this year to myself that I would not let that happen.   I’ve stayed true to my word.   I have over 900 miles on my bike since the July 29th HERCULEAN ride I did.   I’m proud of myself for stepping up to the plate and truly hitting this year’s mileage out of the park, so to say.

I’m shooting for 3,650 miles this year.   I made that bold “bet” to myself when back in July, I had 2,200 miles to my name.   I reached my goal of over 2,000 miles in one year and I still had 6 months of the year left.   I thought to myself….”1o miles a day average for the entire year would be 3,650 miles….   I can do that!” 

So, here I am.   I’m 470 miles shy of that mark.   I’m still cranking out 65 to 100 miles a week.   My commuting to work is just the most addictive thing I’ve ever done on a bike.   The cold weather is starting to show up here in the Carolinas and it’s now slowing me down 1 bit.

I think part of my obsession this year with riding is a subliminal drive inside of me to stay in the riding shape I’m in right now.   My heart is strong, my legs are stronger.   My desire to ride is right in the middle.   It’s a WONDERFUL combination.  

Come 2012, I’m gonna up the ante and see how close I can come to 5,000 miles.   First things first though.   I have 10 weeks left to this year.  470 miles to go.  

And for now, I’m gonna rest up the ol’ body for 3 days.   Aaaaaaah……..


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