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I went out for a ride yesterday just in time.   They were forecasting rain.   I was pessimistic in the weather man’s accuracy, but  took the window of opportunity nonetheless.   Good thing I did.   As I was returning from an easy-paced 17-mile ride, I felt (and heard) rain drops bouncing off my helmet and arms.   Got my ride in!   Sweet!

I was a little (Ok… A LOT) discouraged when I got around to looking at my speedometer.   Yes, I covered over 17 miles on my ride.   Great.

My average though, sucked.   I didn’t ride fast.   Not that I wanted to, but I feel right now as if I CAN’T ride fast, even if I tried.

I’m tired.   My legs are tired.   My knees are really banged up.   To the point that cycling is starting to bother them. Bill (my cycling neighbor) let me borrow a book (The Metal Cowboy)  a few years back, and there’s this one story about the author meeting up with this older (late 70’s,early 80’s) cyclist while riding cross-country that keeps coming to my mind. 

You see, this older rider was still riding, but he was explaining to the author about how his knees were shot.   He still rode, but for him, it was just a process of churning out 1 pedal after another.   This older rider wasn’t fast, but for him, he had come to accept that.  

I think it takes a brave man to admit and accept the fact that old age is getting the better of him. 

This older rider was just happy to be out on his bike though.  

I’m too young to be feeling like this guy.   I will admit that I’m not that focused on my averages right now as I was before the Booty ride back in July. 

I feel like that guy though.   I’m not as fast as I used to be.  My body aches after some rides, but I can ride the SHIT out of my bikes.  I can ride 19 out of 24 hours.   I could never do that as a teenager, or even when I was in my 20’s.

I’m a MUCH more disciplined rider these days.   I know my “best” miles are not my “first” miles.   It might take me 10 miles to warm up, but those miles from 11 to 25 are usually my best miles now.   I’m in a groove.   I hit a rhythm and just ride my bike.

My bike commuting that I have been doing the past few months (in earnest) has really changed my view as to “why I ride.”   I do enjoy just being out on the bike.   I still have a problem though when I’m out on my road bike (compared to my mtn. bike I  use to commute).  I still see my road bike as a piece of exercise equipment. Why can’t I just go out and have a 14mph ride on my Cannondale and call that a good ride?   It is driving me crazy….  

I want to have my “commuting mindset” when I’m out on my Cannondale.

Not sure if this is making any sense, but I know what I mean here.  

I’ve got close to 3,200 miles on my bike, and I know this week those miles seem to be hitting me like a hammer, right on my legs.  

I need to take some time off from the bike.  

I’ve got a long weekend coming up that will see no cycling from me.   I plan on resting the legs, which in turn will rest my mind.   I think too much when I ride.  Sometimes that is a good thing.  

 Not this week.


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