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 I’m a dedicated cyclist. Some may say I’m obsessed with cycling.

These are typically family members or close friends.

There are many times where I’ll be out in the neighborhood walking, or playing with the kids, and a neighbor will drive by or walk up and ask me, “where’s your bike?” I guess I do ride alot.

I guess I enjoy it so much because I do excel in it. I’m not a runner. Never have been and most likely never will be. I’m a cyclist. Have been ever since I got my first dose of freedom that my first bike offered me when I was 5 years old.

38 years later, I’m still pedaling. I’m not pedaling as fast as I used to, but what I’m lacking in speed, I make up for in endurance and frequency. I can ride my bike day in, and day out. In warm weather, cold weather, dry weather, and wet weather.

Any day is a good day, when you can ride a bike.

As 2011 starts to wind down and I read over my cycle logs showing my daily/weekly/monthly miles, I find myself looking at the column in my Excel Spreadsheet for weight. It’s my least favorite column to look at. I started the year off weighing in at 215lbs. As of today (October 6), I’m down to 199.5 lbs. Not too shabby. I have rarely been below 203 though through the summer.

I’ll admit that I’m a terrible eater. I love pasta, rice, potatos, pretzels, corn chips, pizza, tortilla chips and cheese, just to name a few of my vices. Now, I do consume my fair share of veggies too. I love broccoli, beans, corn, celery, chickpeas, beets, peas, cauliflower, etc… I’m just a snacker.

I need to put the “obsession-level” of thinking that I have right now for cycling, and apply it to my diet. I have ridden 3,000 miles this year on my bike, and you couldn’t tell by looking at me.

Yes, my legs are UNBELIEVABLY strong and cut. My heart is in great shape too. I have the blood pressure of a teenager, so my doctor says. My waist line though could be smaller. My energy level could be higher. So, while I have dropped 16 lbs, I have put on a lot of weight this summer due to muscle mass.

My legs have never been stronger. I have muscles on top of muscles here, (which my wife loves…) I can’t lie: I look good in a pair of shorts! 🙂 I have also dropped 16 pounds this year, with no change to my diet.

I know though, that with winter coming, I need to do something. My riding is not going to change. I’m still gonna crank out 75 to 100 miles a week. If I can go all “ape shit crazy” with my eating habits and make some changes, I know I can drop 25lbs.

I just need to figure out how. (I need to stop eating the list of foood I posted in the 7th paragraph here.) As STRONG a rider as I am, I’m SO WEAK when it comes to food. I ride, so I can eat! 🙂 Half-joking, half not.

Any suggestions here guys?


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