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It’s October.   My favorite month.   The crisp morning weather greets me every morning as I step out of the house to head to work.   The afternoon temps are just pure heaven.   Bright skies, and easy rides.  

The trees will start their contest with each other see who can create the darkest, richest colors of orange, brown and maroon.  It’s a photographer’s dream month to shoot.   For a cyclist, October offers some of the best rides, especially here in the Carolinas.   The country roads look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.    The change in temp is like a shot of adrenaline to my legs, lungs, and heart.   If you are a fan of Autumn weather, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s “no-weather” weather, if you know what I mean.   

The house windows are opened up and the fresh breeze carries the smells of Fall.   Firepits are in use, and the leaves are starting to fall.   I have the crockpot going right now with tonights dinner:  Chicken Teriyaki marinated with celery leaves, freshly crushed garlic, and simmering onions.  

Today is a new month, and a new week.   Time to get out and put some new miles under my tires and reach for 300+ miles again.   I have cranked out (pun intended) over 2,400 miles in the past 6 months.   The weather in Spring was great.   Summer?   Easily the worst Summer (weather-wise) we’ve had since we moved down here 5 years ago.   Go figure.  I pick the worst summer in recent memory to train for the 24 hour ride I did back in July.   Just truly horrific heat and humidity.  The summer of 2011 will be forever ingrained in my long term memory as just “bad.” 

All that is behind me now.  I’m on the downside of the weather curve here and I’m enjoying the coasting…   October is going to be a great month.   I’m re-invigorated for my morning commutes.   Temps will be chilly in the morning, but the ride home is going to be totally BAD-ASS and just PERFECT. 

I’m gonna have to figure out how much layering I’ll have to do each morning as the temps flutter in the low to mid 40’s.   Mentally, if I can stay on top of the weather and not let it psyche me out, I’m going to enoy the hell out of my morning rides.   The panniers will come in handy this month as I experiment with long riding pants, knee sleeves, skull caps, balaclavas and shoe covers.  

Here’s to 300+ MILES.    I should hit 3,000 miles this week.   That’s a story/quest/blog entry of its own.


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