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As a cyclist, numbers are all around me.   How fast am I going?  How far have I ridden?  How many days in a row have I been on the bike?   What’s my yearly mileage total?  How many miles have I ridden this week?   What’s my heart rate? 

Numbers keep me going and they drive me crazy at the same time.   Many a ride, I will turn my speedometer so I won’t focus on the numbers its spitting back at me.   This way, I can enjoy the ride I’m on.   That’s the main goal anyway, right?   (Sure…. yeah…. that’s it….)    🙂   Numbers.

Speaking of numbers, here are a few of mine that keep me going (while driving me crazy)

Yearly Total Miles  to date:

Number of Days ridden This Year:

Longest Ride This Year:
222 Miles on 7/29 – 7/30

Best Weekly Mileage Total:
240.77 Miles (week of 7/24/11)

Highest Monthly Mileage:
May:  550.4 Miles

Number of 100+ Mile Weeks This Year:

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers….  

Tick, Tick, Tick….


2 thoughts on “NUMBERS

  1. Really impressive, Ray- keep it up! Wonder if Emma and Aidan will ever keep up with you?

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