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I’m not the morning rider I used to be.   I think AGE is creeping up on me.   As much as I’m trying to ignore the sounds and signs of getting older, I think I’m losing the battle.  

I’m happy though.  

I’m still active. 

I’m still a good bike rider. 

More importantly, I still ENJOY getting out on the bike.  It just takes me longer to warm up to get the point that I’m glad I’m out on the bike.

The weather is turning here in the Carolinas.   Summer morning heat and humidity is slowly being replaced by crisp mornings that sometimes have a brisk breeze that require a different mindset when riding. 

Temperature plays such a vital roll in a bike commute.  It can make or break a ride.  I’ve ridden enough to realize that “it’s only weather”, but as many times as I say that, I can only appreciate that mantra when I’ve FINISHED the ride or the commute. 

Right now, my morning commutes are completely 100% KICK ASS.   Cool morning temps are here, but I can still get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt.   Those days are quickly going to be coming to an end though.   Long pants, and lots of layers are on the horizon.  

I’m amazed at how much “bike stuff” I’ve accumulated over the years.   I have a hard time keeping track of the shirts, gloves, shorts, panniers, lights, speedometers, shoes, clips, socks, face masks, helmets, reflective vests, skull caps, etc…    All so I can ride in the cold weather.

It’s only weather.  I need to keep telling myself that. 

It’s COLD weather though.  

I’m still riding though.


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