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I’ve been on this planet now for 43 years.   I’m always amazed that even at my “young” age, I do learn new things every day.

My commuting into work has been going well, but the other day, the proverbial light bulb went off in my head, saying, “Ray…. why don’t you put clip-less pedals on your mountain bike?”

I have a Cannondale Road bike that has these pedals.   I LOVE THOSE PEDALS.   Riding with them makes me a much more efficient rider.

I have seen folks out mountain biking that have these pedals.   It has always freaked me out that out on the trails I would need to get my feet out of the pedals quicker than the clip-less pedals would allow me to.  I have never researched the idea past that.

Now though, with me riding 65 to 100 miles a week into work, I’ve noticed the whole “efficiency” thing of riding with the metal add-on clips is just getting old.   I ride A LOT OF UPHILLS and those clips are killing me.

So, yesterday I swapped out the clip-less pedals on my Cannondale road bike and put them on my GT Mountain bike.

One word:  HEAVEN!

I rode to my local grocery store this morning (3 miles away) on my GT and I was in HEAVEN!   I rode stronger, faster, and with more confidence (and less foot maneuvering) than ever before.

Once again, I have founds something to invigorate me as I continue to try and ride my bike everyday.

Tomorrow’s commute is going to be completely KICK ASS!

I’m stoked!


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