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After a suppressing summer of heat, where I rode 100 miles a week for close to 17 weeks in a row, this morning’s temperature (a BRISK and BREEZY 61 degrees) was like a shot of adrenaline not only for my tired legs, but for my inner attitude of why I cycle to work each day.

The breeze this morning was strong, but for some reason, I didn’t mind it.   Most cyclists (myself included) typically DESPISE wind.  In the colder months, there is nothing worse than heading out and fighting a breeze the whole ride.   It can crush your spirit and make you wonder why you ever got on the bike in the first place.

Not this morning though.  I rode slow, and took it all in.

7.25 miles (one way) for my morning ride in.   Pure heaven.

I’m always amazed at the correlation between the weather and my outlook on things.

Today is a good day.

Gonna open up the house for the 1st time in MONTHS.   Gonna air it out!


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