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Cycling is supposed to keep you healthy, right?   Sure, my cardio is in superb shape.   I have the blood pressure of a teenager, which, for a 43 year-old guy earns me bragging rights to anyone I can tell it to.   My legs have never been stronger.   My back is in great shape too.  

If only I could end there.   🙂  

My right knee is slowly falling apart, it feels.  I have a torn inner meniscus (tendon) on my right knee that makes any type of side to side movement of my knee pretty painful.   Fortunately, any front to back movement is ok.   Cycling is a low enough impact type workout that usually my knee is ok. 

Not this week.  It hurts.  To the point I’m wrapping it.  

So, while my blood pressure depicts a teenager here, this damn knee makes me feel like I’m in my 60’s sometimes. I need surgery.  I’m putting it off.   As long as I can cycle, I can live with the flare ups. 

My right shoulder is also nagging me.   I have a lingering muscle issue there, I think.   It flares  up every now and then.   Not fun.    Ibuprofen usually does the trick, but I hate relying on meds to fix what ails me on my body.  

On a bright note, I’m riding into work these days more than ever.   Usually it’s anywhere between 14 to 22 miles a day that I’m wracking up on the ol’ mountain bike.  

I’ve dropped 7-8 pounds since August 1st.  

Life is good.


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