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Didn’t sleep well last night.   Tossed and turned.  I was worried about being rained out for my morning ride here.    I got up around 4:30am and the rain had started.   My front patio sidewalk was spotted with rain drops.

“Crap!,” I thought to myself.   “I should’ve woken up earlier!”

After making my morning pot of coffee, I checked once again on the rain outside.   To my delight, the sidewalks were dry!  I stepped outside to verify, and sure enough, the rain had stopped.   For how long?   Not sure.

So, I hurriedly got my riding gear on, which thankfully only consisted of riding shorts, shirt and socks.   The colder weather is coming, but for now, I can get out the door with the bare minimums.

I got in an easy 3 loops here in my neighborhood for a total of 10.68 miles.

I’ll take it.

I beat the rain.   Let it rain all day now.   I don’t care.


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