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So, I’m in my 2nd week of using my new Panniers (or saddlebags.) Wow! What a difference it is not having to carry anything on your back. I’m letting the bike carry the weight. What a NOVEL concept!

I can pack a TON of stuff in these bags. I have one for each side of the bike. I try to balance out what I have in each.

I’m surprised at how easy it is to ride with the bags. I thought I’d be laboring like a mad-man trying to pedal with the extra weight I was carrying in the bags. Not the case though. I barely know that my bags are there. The only time I really notice is when I’m turning at a fast pace. The weight differential is then present. Other than that though, I have had no challenge adjusting to using them.

Beats the hell out of using a backpack, that’s for sure.



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