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It has been an amazingly HOT and LONG summer down here in the Carolinas this year. Crazy heat. Temps over 100. Weeks and weeks of temps in the high 90’s. Back to back weeks of just brutal weather.

I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to ride in COOL weather. Weather where long sleeves are needed. Seriously.

I’m reading some blogs about Winter riding and I’m totally on board. I could use the exercise, that’s for sure. I’m tired of sweating. That’t for sure too.

Winter time can be a depressing time of year. Too much food from Holiday gatherings. I gain weight in the winter. Not if I keep riding though. I can totally get on board with this. I’m really getting stoked for riding to work in Dec. Jan. and Feb.

I can do it. I just have to find all my winter gear and make sure I light my bike up like a Christmas tree! 🙂


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