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So, I’m on vacation today through Sunday. Took 3 days off to hang out with the kids. Looking forward to some day trips. Carowinds, the Ice Rink, Splash Planet, etc… It’s going to be fun.

Last night, after dinner, I got out for a short 12.6 mile ride.

Temps were dropping from the mid 90’s into the low 90’s, maybe even the high 80’s. I headed out around 7pm for a hopeful 1 hour ride.

Right away I could tell that this ride was going to be different from any of the other rides I’ve done all summer. The temp was comfortable. The humidity was low. Not sure what the dew point was, but I could tell by how quickly I got off the start line that it was low.

Had a phenomenal ride. REALLY great ride. I did a route I know like the back of my hand. Kinda boring route, but it works. I tore it up. I was faster than I have been in weeks, if not months.

This summer heat has been so brutal that I honestly thought I was just getting older and slower. It has been a CHORE to ride in this heat. I have been cranking out 100-mile weeks for months now. It has taken its toll. It has also served its purpose. I got through my big ride, pretty much unscathed.

Yesterday’s ride gave me a tease/hint of Autumn.

I’m going to like Autumn rides…


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