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We all have them. We all strive for them. Most of us meet them.

That’s the case this past week. I woke up on January 1,2011 with the goal of riding over 200 miles in one day during the 24 Hours of Booty event that took place on July 29-30 of this year.

I did it. Met my goal, and then some. I pulled off 222 miles in one day. I’m proud of my accomplishment. I’m happy with that goal.

Now what? For 6 months, each ride got me closer to my goal of training for that ride. I rode alot. Over 2,000 miles prior to the July date. This year will see the most miles from me that I have ever ridden.

What’s my goal now? I’d have to say passing 3,000 miles is now on my radar. I have 2,300 miles right now. If I apply myself, I can hit 3K in 7 weeks or so.

I’m a realist though. I know my ride frequency will decrease. My mileage will as well. I can still (and will) hit 3,000 miles before the cool Autumn days really start make riding a bit more difficult. It’s gonna be one HELLUVA ride, that’s for sure.


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