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The temps are creeping upwards toward 100 this week. Brutal heat wave is about to take hold. I can look out my office window right now and see nothing but haze. The humidity down here in Charlotte is tangible. Take a deep breath outside here, and you run the risk of chipping a tooth.

Hardly weather condusive to cycling. On days like this, you either ride before 6am, after 8pm, or not at all.

Today may be a “not at all” day for me. I did do an 8.5 mile ride into work and back this morning. That might be all I get today. That’s fine.

Heat like this can do funny (dangerous) things to a cyclist. Heat stroke is real and not something you want when you are pedaling at 15 to 25 mph. No thanks.

I got out yesterday after work to mow the lawn. Glad I did it yesterday. The humidity was low. Today it will be high. Heat indexes will be over 100 today.

Let’s hope this all clears by July 29-30


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