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Yesterday, Bill and I headed out on what will most likely be my last “big” ride before the 24 Hours of Booty ride coming up on July 29-30. We did a 57-mile route that I mapped out.

It was a GREAT ride. Pretty easy course, meaning there were no MONSTROUS hills to attack. No dog chases either. That’s always a crap shoot when riding on the country roads we ride on down here in the Carolina’s.

We passed through some PODUNK towns though. I wish I could’ve stopped and snapped up some pics. Lots of old General Stores, Mom and Pop Shops, and the railroad running through the center to town was a sight to see. A true American old set of towns.

The only downside to the whole trip was that the last 1.5 miles was tough, as my legs had cramped up to the point I had to stop the bike to work them out.

Need more potassium this week.

Time to tweak the diet. More veggies, more fruit. Lean meats, and complex carbs.

My body wont know what hit it.

Here’s to 275 to 300 miles on 7/29


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