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As a cyclist, each ride is different. With that being said, each ride has a certain rhythm. Fast, slow, medium, you name it. Each ride has (or SHOULD have) a rythm.

After reading KENT’S bike blog, (http://kentsbike.blogspot.com/)I realized my ride yesterday (not my best ride by ANY means) lacked a rhythm.

It’s not that I didn’t try to find it. The whole ride though, now that I think about it, was spent trying to find the gate/pace I needed to just settle into the ride and get it done.

The heat of the day (93 degrees) surely didn’t help. I was going to ride with my heart rate monitor, but decided it would be more of a distraction than an aid, so I went w/o it.

I usually settle into whatever the rhythm is going to be early in a ride. By mile 4, I’m usually good to go. Steadily cranking out the miles.

I’m sure my next ride (whenever that is) will be better. Focus on a pace, lock into it, and most importantly, ENJOY THE RIDE.


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