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Bill and I met up in the cul-de-sac at 5:30am today to head up to Charlotte to ride the 2.97 mile “Booty” Loop. We were the 1st cyclists on the road. As we began the ride, with the sun just starting to clear the horizon, I wondered how many other cyclists and joggers we would see as we amassed 50 plus miles on this outing?

Plenty. Lots and lots of cyclists. A plethora (Yes, El Guapo, I said “plethora”)of joggers. Young, old, fast, slow. Lots of Trek bikes, Cannondales, Fujis, you name it.

It was a great ride. Easy ride. Bill and I pulled a 16.4 average w/o really even trying.

I’m 43 miles shy of my “record” year (2008) of 1,724 miles. I’ll break that record this week.


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