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About 2 years ago, I blew out my right knee. The inner meniscus tendon is torn. Not shredded, but torn.

What does all that mean? Sometimes my knee hurts. Everyday activities (walking, housework, chores) don’t tend to bother it. If I’m out horsing around with the kids, I have to be careful not to try and dart back and forth too much, as any “inside” movement (left to right, etc…) can aggravate the tendon.

I have gone for 2 cortisone shots over the years and they temporarily relieve the pain. I wear knee “ace bandages” on ocassion too.

Fortunately, cycling doesn’t exacerbate the situation. If my knee mobility does decrease enough to where cycling IS painful, I know it’s time for another cortisone shot. I think I’m nearing that phase.

Yesterday, I was in a great deal of pain. Walking hurt. Siting hurt. Constant pain. Knee wraps didn’t help. I tried resting it by crashing on the couch. I’m too antsy to stay seated. I was driving myself crazy.

I was planning on riding this morning. Was going to get in 18 miles. Didn’t happen. I woke up and my knee is STILL hurting. To the point of I’m not getting on a bike and risk hurting it more.

What’s the cure? For now, another cortisone shot. After the booty ride, I’m scheduling the surgery to get this thing fixed. It’s getting old. Just like me.


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