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This past Sunday (May 29th) was the first annual “new Towne Village Century Bike Ride” created by yours truly and co-organized by Bill Fanning. What a day it was.

Weather wise, we lucked out. Temps were in the 80’s most of the day. Didn’t get above 88, and the humidity was low. There was a nice breeze the entire day. It was a welcomed “treat”.

The day started off early. I was awake by 5am. I had fresh bagels to make for the riders. “Sesame, Sunflower, Oatmeal & Honey Wheat Bagels” were a-plenty. The folks that rode seemed to have really enjoyed them.

Next up: Setting up tables and loading up coolers with water, gatorade, juice pouches, Icees, etc…

Around 7:45am, I headed in to get dressed for the 8am start time.

14 riders joined us for the initial “pace lap” of 3.56 miles. I have to admit, it was a GREAT feeling seeing so many neighbors (and their children) out joining us for the maiden lap.

After the 1st easy paced lap, Bill, Jim, Scott, Mike and myself kicked it into our normal riding pace and took off. 100 miles, here we come.

The 1st 50 miles were a blur. The chatting, the gorgeous weather, the neighbors waving us on all seemed to have made time speed up. Before I knew it, I’m looking at 50 miles on my bike computer. SWEET!

Physically speaking, I felt great. I was staying well-hydrated and the new position that I moved my seat into last week was working MAGIC on my “glutious maximus.” (My butt felt GREAT!) Always a good thing.

The 2nd 50 miles was a different story. The heat of the day had shown up and the constant turning in the cul-de-sacs was taking a toll on my feet. A quick change of my riding shirt made a big difference. A complete change of attire will be necessary for our 300 mile bike ride. What a refresment it was to be dry once again. Off to finish the final 50.

The breaks (some planned, some not) seemed to throw a KINK into the rythm and pace of the ride. I was not out to set a land-speeed record. I wasn’t even concerned about finishing at a certain time of day. The last 50 miles seemed to drag on.

Around 87 miles, we took a much needed 25 minute break. Only 13 more miles to go. 4 loops in the neighborhood. Getting back on that bike for the final 13 was not easy. We did though, and Bill and I ended the NTV Century Ride together. What was more than 2 years in the making was now complete. We had a mini-cheering session when we finished. We broke down the refreshment station and got the cul-de-sac all cleaned up.

102 miles down.

As if that wasn’t enough, last night Bill and I headed out for another ride. This time only 18.7 miles. Here’s to 300 in July!


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