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My neighbor Bill and I ride together alot. I’d say out of the 5,600 miles I’ve put on my bikes since September of 2007, Bill and I have ridden 4,000 miles of those together. Just a guess.

This year, in preparation for our 24-hour bike ride, we have been doing a BIG Sunday ride each week. 50 miles or more. Not only does this help us train for our 300-mile (hopefully) 1 day ride, it also makes hitting 100 miles for the week a lot easier to reach.

Growing tired of our “regular” routes, I have started mapping out new roads (all local) down here in NC. Google makes it easy to draw the routes along the roads, all the while telling me how far the trip will be. I have found some real “gems” of quiet roads. Scenic roads. Hilly roads. Flat roads. All great routes. I’m the “mapper” now for our Sunday rides.

With that being said, I just mapped out our latest 60-miler for this Sunday that will have us on roads neither Bill nor I have been on before. COUNTRY roads. Very rural. Little to no traffic on these roads. We’ll ride through some small time towns that are literally “cross-road” type towns that probably haven’t changed in over 100 years. I’m really looking forward to this outing.

Our neighbor (Mike) will be joining us. Should be a great day to be out riding. I hope to get an early start on the day. We’re looking at a 4-hour ride to cover that distance, not including breaks.

It’s going to take some doing on my part to map out a better ride than this for the next Sunday ride we do.


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