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So, on Sunday, Bill and I got out for a 50-mile ride. It was a great ride. Haven’t ridden that far on a Sunday in about 4 weeks.

Yesterday, I got home from work and was itching to get back out for another ride. Not a big ride. Not a fast ride. Just a ride. I could’ve been talked out of it very easily as well. I entertained the thought.

The thing that kept entering my mind though was the weather forecast for Tues -Thurs here. RAIN. COLD, WET, RAIN. I had a gut feeling that the weather was not going to be my friend later this week.

So, with that, I laced up the riding shoes, donned the riding gloves, shorts and shirts and headed out.

I turned my bike computer so that I wasn’t paying attention to my speed, my average, or my distance. This ride wasn’t about any of that. I just wanted to ride. I wanted to ENJOY the ride. When I’m focusing on speed, avg, and distance, it’s not fun.

I got out for a 17.9 mile ride. Didn’t push myself. Had energy the whole ride. Legs weren’t overworked. Still finished with a 16.0 avg. Perfect.

Oh, and by the way…. today is RAINY, COLD and DREARY….

My gut feeling was right.

Sometimes you just know…


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